Best Movie Kisses, 5-10

5. Arwen and Aragorn, Fellowship of the Ring, 2001. I wish Enya would queue every time Trevor and I went in to kiss.
6. Snow White and Prince Charming, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 1937. Love's first kiss!
7. Han Solo and Princess Leia, Empire Strikes Back, 1980. "My hands are dirty too...."
8. Satine and Christian, Moulin Rouge, 2001. There are so many fantastic kisses in this film, its hard to narrow it down to one.
9. John and Margaret, North and South, 2004. His expression is just so perfect.
10. Amy and Arthur, Little Dorrit, 2008. This may be the only one on this list that could change, but that last kiss at the end is so satisfying and so sweet, and you're so happy for Amy!

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