the good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:

All three girls love sewing lessons. Millie most of all. She's learning quite well, wouldn't you say?

The Bad:

 The girls would tell you they are crying because it was Dad's night to bathe them, and mine to clean the kitchen. I would tell you they are having temper tantrums because they refused to eat dinner.....it was cheese quesadillas, folks. Hungry, tried, cranky kids. They almost always cry at the same time, twin contagion. This video is the reason I eat pineapple gelato every night.

The Ugly:
Too early to spread some Halloween ghosties? We baked these today and brought them to some friends....


  1. Oh, Shelley, You are amazing. remember when I said kids are put you on this earth to make you crazy! There you go. Better to go to gelato thatn whiskey! Lol Your children are darling and you do such a great job. I love the sewing lesson!!

  2. You are such a good mom, and friend. Thank you for those ghosts. I may have eaten more than my share... that's allowed when your coming up on 10 months pregnant, right?