Remember how Josephine had asked for Rapunzel hair every single day for almost six months, which I wrote about last November? After I wrote that post, Jo just went straight to asking me if she could have yellow hair, like her sisters', for weeks. This really bothered me, because I don't want my girls comparing themselves to each other, and definitely don't want Josephine's self conscience to suffer, even at age 3.
Disney both creates and solves a lot of problems around here, but mercifully they invented Sofia:
Not only does she have short brown hair and blue eyes, just like my Jo, she has a magical amulet that lets her talk to animals. That means she can talk to monkeys. We watched the first episode, and when I pointed out the similarities to Josephine, she was thrilled. Now we have the book, and the songs, and Millie calls her "Jofia."

And Josephine hasn't asked for Rapunzel hair, or Millie's hair, ever since. Best of all, she tells me in the morning, "I just want Jo hair." Win for Team Mama!

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