to avoid january blahs

For Utah, this is the ugliest part of the year. Black piles of old snow along the roads and parking lots, inversion that makes your eyes water, and when your thermometer reads a slim 2 degrees F, that's pretty ugly.
After my last post, its pretty clear I've been needing to think of some winter coping strategies that don't involve doing violence to icicles. I've come up with a few:
  1. The twins' birthday is in 6 months, and I've got a plan. I am sewing them storybook dolls from patterns in this book, and on the dolls' hands I'm sewing a slip of fabric that the girls can slide in small dowels, on the ends of which will be different objects (mirrors, stars, flowers, butterflies, books, spells, messages in bottles - whatever I can think up that may come in handy for adventures!). Hazel will have to have one too, of course. Three of everything in our house. On their birthday morning, I'll set up their dolls on a quilt under the big tree in the backyard, with everything all arranged, as if they've been waiting for Jo and Millie. The image of these finished dolls all ready for the girls' birthday, with fresh green grass and flowers, is inspiring me to creativity - and getting me through January! I've already accumulated some absolutely fantastic Japanese fabric from superbuzzy for the tiny doll dresses, magical objects from the Fairy Tale Beads for the dowels, and yarn that matches my girls' hair colors perfectly. That was the most fun I've had in a long time, I only had Josephine and we shopped at Heindlemanns (sp?) on Center Street in Provo, where Ted charmed Jo with a magic trick! My sewing schedule is finally cleared to start these dolls, and I'll need those six months.....Ahem, back to the list:
  2. Spicy Asian food. I recently took a class with a good friend of mine on how to make pad thai from an actual Thai student going to BYU - and I tell you what, its better than any I've had in a restaurant. Making that tonight, tomorrow is hot Japanese udon noodle soup with snow peas and miso, and yesterday I made a yellow coconut curry with potatoes and shrimp that was to die for. Imagining the tropical, faraway lands where the ingredients come from melts away the blues!
  3. Downton Abbey starts Sunday. Need me some of that.


  1. Hey, what are the details on the thai cooking class? Will it be offered again?

    Also, series 3 of Downton Abbey is really great!

  2. I just can't manage JanuFeb blahs in Utah. Here at least we get sunshine. Imagine all that winter junk, but with overcast skies for 6-8 weeks straight with not even 5 minutes of sunbeams. That was Philly. It was torturous.