In the past 2 weeks, we have had:

  • 2 trips to the ER
  • 2 weeks of proclaimed 'bedrest' by my doctor
  • 1 flat tire on the van
  • 3 sick kids with 2 different viruses
  • 7 throw-ups
  • 1 time I have left the house to do something fun
  • 3 days since we last vacuumed
  • 8 days since the bathroom was clean
  • 2 days of glorious sunshine, whose warm promise of adventure created Millie's incessant mantra: "Go outside, mom? Please? I want to go outside? Now?!"
  • 0 re-watchings of Season 3 of Downton. The finale was THAT disappointing.
  • 10 meals Hazel would only eat Greek yogurt instead of what we provided.
  • 8 nights I went to bed same time as the kids, therefore did not work on my calling or sew.
  • 2 times I have put a needle to thread. This is bad.
  • 4 times I've had to change my shirt because one of the kids did something gross to what I was wearing.
  • 1st (and hopefully last) time we watched the Oscars from a hospital TV (if we ever watch them again - what a waste 'o time)
  • 4 evenings it took for us to watch the whole of 'Skyfall' (which, to everyone's surprise, I really enjoyed)
Um, yeah, that sums up the past two weeks. The next two can't be as eventful, right?!


  1. Um, bedrest? Pourquoi?

  2. That sucks! I'm so sorry! Hope all is on the mend. I have been sewing lately. So relaxing! Miss you and the girls!

  3. You guys have been through a lot! I hope that the weeks to come are much easier for you. I love reading your posts, Shelley, even though I don't always have the time to comment.